HEC395 9-Axis AHRS module

HEC360 High-performance 3D Electronic Compass



HEC365 High-performance 3D Electronic Compass

Product introduction

 Unmanned vehicles are performing progressively more complex tasks-and requiring increasingly robust and accurate heading and orientation information. But existing AHRS modules leave too much room for error. They lose heading when encountering magnetic distortion; they suffer from errors when experiencing erratic motion; and often don’t provide accurate headings, even in a static environment. And at more than $2000 for a MEMS-based AHRS, it’s no wonder AHRS have only been integrated by a select few customers. So when there’s no room for error, HEC395 stays on track.

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High Accuracy

RS232/RS485/TTL Optional 

Widely working temperature: -40℃~+85℃ 

Low power consumption 

Hard and soft iron correction with quality of calibration score 

5 user calibration procedures    

Technical Indicators