SEC385 3-Axis 80° Angle Compensation Digital Compass

SEC345 3-Axis 40° Angle Compensation Digital Compass



HEC365V High-performance 3D Electronic Compass

Product introduction

 The SEC385 is a step up from the SEC345offering increasedaccuracy; extended tilt ranges of up to +/- 80°. Along with hard-iron calibration, the firmwarealso includes soft-iron correction algorithms, which allowsfor calibrating out most all magnetic anomalies, and therebyproviding highly accurate compass heading in any environment.

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Accuracy: 0.5 ° 
RS232/RS485/TTL Optional 
Widely working temperature: -40℃~+85℃ 
Low power consumption 
Hard and soft iron correction with quality of calibration score 
5 user calibration procedures

Technical Indicators