BWL327 Modbus Dual-axis Inclinometer

1. Dual-axis inclinometer. measurement 

2. Measuring range:±90°/±180° 

3. Accuracy: 0.1° 

4. Wide voltage input: 9~35V 

5. Output mode: RS232,RS485 and TTL 

6. Wide operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃ 

7. IP67 protection 

8. Shock resistance>2000g 

9. High resolution: 0.01° 

10. Small size: L91mm×W40mm×H26mm (customizable)


  Designed by Bewis Sensing Technology LLC, BWL327 is a low cost and small serial output dual-axis inclinometer. Agreement of modbus-RTU can be applied to this product. RS232,RS485 and TTL all can be its output mode. Adopting the latest technology, the producing engineering and tilt unit of MEMS, the product has a small volume and low power consumption, the consistency and stability is very high.

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