BWL1600 Digital Dual-Axis Inclinometer

BWL328 Current Output Dual-Axis Inclinometer



BWL1700 Analog Output Dual-Axis Inclinometer

Product introduction

  Designed by Bewis Sensing Technology LLC, BWL1600 is a low cost and small digital output dual-axis inclinometer. RS232, RS485 and TTL all can be its output mode. Adopting the latest technology,the producing engineering and tilt unit of MEMS, the product has a small volume and low power consumption, the consistency and stability is very high. 

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1. Dual-Axis inclinometer 

2. Resolution 0.01° 

3. Accuracy 0.1° 

4. Output interface RS232/485/TTL optional 

5. Full Metal Jacket, IP67 protection 

6. Measurement range ±90°/±180°optional 

7. Shockproof >2000 gravity 

8. Wide Temperature -40℃~+85℃ 

9. Wide voltage input: 9~35V 

10. Small size: L91mm×W40mm×H26mm (customizable)

Technical Indicators