BWS2000 Super High-accuracy Digital Dual-Axis Inclinometer




BWS2800 Super High-accuracy Analog Dual-Axis Inclinometer

Product introduction

  BWS2000 is a super high-accuracy dual-axis inclinometer The resolution, accuracy and temperature drift is up to 0.0005°, 0.001°and 0.0007°/℃ respectively. It is the most competative one in the trade currently. RS232, RS485 and TTL all can be its output interface, which is very convenient for it to be integrated into user’s system. The products work in wide voltage.

Product manual download

1. Dual -Axis inclinometer 
2. Resolution 0.0005° 
3. Accuracy 0.001° 
4. Output interfaceRS232/485/TTL optional 
5. Full Metal Jacket, IP67 protection 
6. ±5/±15/±30degrees optional 
7. DC 9~35V wide voltage power supply 
8. Shockproof > 2000 gravity 
9. Wide Temperature -40℃~+85℃

Technical Indicators