Quality & Reliability

BEWIS has built comprehensive quality and reliability assurance and control systems into our processes and services from technology development to production. In addition, we have various labs and analytical tools to perform chemical and material analysis, product failure analysis and yield enhancement, reliability qualification and monitoring, as well as tool calibration.

Quality Control

BEWIS has passed ISO9001, CE and ROHS. The quality of product and service and the market competitiveness have been promoted according to the deep-going and consistent improvement of these systems.

To ensure a consistent level of quality and flexibility for our customers, BEWIS uses an "On Line Test" concept whereby all equipment and process recipes are tuned to achieve the same calibration accuracy for same type of sensors.

Quality & Reliability System 

To achieve high-quality delivery of our services, BEWIS integrates quality standards and procedures through our entire operations chain. These include: 

  1. Built-in reliability in our technology development and production processes

  2. Process reliability monitoring during manufacturing

  3. Strict quality control of incoming raw materials and outgoing materials

  4. Stringent monitoring of in-line processes

  5. A built-in reliability database (Built-in Reliability Diagnosis System or BIRDS) that tracks soldering, package and product level reliability through the development, qualification and production stages

  6. Implementing statistical process control (SPC) and module reliability control in mass production for fast feedback and continuous improvement.


Quality Management System

The pursuit of quality is a continuous effort at BEWIS. To maintain a high level of quality in our work and processes, BEWIS emphasizes clear and concise process definitions, standardized procedures, well-defined responsibilities, detailed documentation of customer requirements, module performance and production analysis, and a high level of customer transparency.

As part of our quality management system, BEWIS continuously works to ensure: 

  1. Customer requirements and internal quality standards are fully communicated, understood and adhered to;

  2. On-time delivery of high-quality services; 

  3. Continuous improvement in service and product quality and reliability through the implementation of our PDCA (plan, do, check, act) steps, together with internal and external customer feedback.

Information Security Management System

To protect our organization’s core business and improve competitiveness, BEWIS maintains a comprehensive information security management system, including three basic components: employee management, information technology application, and rules and policies establishment.

As part of our Information Security Management System, BEWIS continuously works to ensure: 

  1. Always prioritize the security of customer information; 

  2. Properly protect all information assets; 

  3. Conduct risk management to ensure business continuity and minimize losses if the information system is affected.