Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

BEWIS works hard to foster Trust, care for People, and protect the Environment. 

We are committed to protecting the interests of our many stakeholders, from employees and neighbors, to customers, partners, and investors worldwide. Our work in these areas is our way of building a more harmonious society. 

1. Responsibility is at the heart of BEWIS culture. Our commitment to responsibility is seen in our products, which are made with advanced technologies that require the trust of our partners and governments worldwide. The company was established with a focus on people and community, and the results can be seen at all BEWIS sites, where we have built residential communities with comfortable homes and leading private schools. 

2. Responsibility is at the center of BEWIS institutions. Commitment to corporate social responsibility is embraced by our top executives. Leaders of key functions form our CSR Committee, which coordinates our practices concerning legal compliance and care for people and the environment. By institutionalizing CSR at BEWIS, we ensure that we meet our commitments, and that our practices are aligned with the best in the industry.

Examples of BEWIS’s commitment to be a responsible business tell the story of our company. We are proud of our achievements in each area, and continuously seek to improve.

Environment, Safety & Health 

In our daily operations, we focus on product innovation and quality control while putting an emphasis on preventing environmental pollution, using energy and natural resources effectively, protecting our human resources and preventing harmful accidents. We believe this is vital to employee well-being and corporate responsibility as we raise environmental protection, safety, and health (ESH) standards for every employee at BEWIS. We are striving to be environmentally responsible through continuous improvements. We aim to strengthen our operational risk management to ensure the continued growth of BEWIS.

To achieve the above goals, BEWIS is committed to:

 1. Following ESH regulations and international protocols while fulfilling customer requirements

 2. Making environmental protection and employee safety and health a primary responsibility for every BEWIS manager

 3. Carrying out site ESH management through employee ownership and teamwork

 4. Establishing a “green” supply chain and using environmentally responsible manufacturing processes

 5. Strengthening accident prevention measures and emergency response and recovery capabilities

BEWIS's Environmental Protection Management 

BEWIS's environmental protection goals are based on regulatory compliance, protection of our surroundings, pollution control, accidental discharge prevention, and environmentally-friendly products. BEWIS established ISO 14001 (which focuses on environmental management) and QC 080000 (which focuses on control of hazardous substances) certification and are audited annually by third parties. BEWIS also established ISO 14064 (carbon verification) certification at all sites in 2010. Environmental protection is achieved through: 

1. Planning and implementing environmental protection projects and driving energy saving and waste reduction efforts

2. Sorting and recycling waste products

3. Supervising and managing the transfer and safe handling of hazardous waste by qualified vendors 

4. Controlling hazardous substances in our products and processes

5. Carrying out environmental protection monitoring, including carbon verification, and publicizing the results