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BWSENSING is one of the and most technologically advanced company with branch offices in China. Our core business areas include system integration of inclinometer sensors, digital compasses, accelerometer, navigation altitude system, fiber-optic gyroscopes, and inertial navigation systems. Our products are widely used in many industries including but not limited to construction, automation, aerospace, medical, academics, system surveillance, and agriculture. We strive for excellence in these areas of application.
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Company Profile

As a national high-tech enterprise,BWSENSING is an excellent inertial sensor supplier . The headquarters locates in Binhu District, Jiangsu Province, near the Taihu lake, adjacent to the scenic area of Changguangxi national wetland park. Focusing on the field of inertial sensing technology, the company insists on steady operation, continuous innovation and open cooperation. It is committed to the world of good things! There are automation manufacturing bases in zhejiang, and wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Dalian and Xiamen. At present, it`s business covers more than 50 countries and regions, serving more than 5,000 customers.
BWSENSING has the world's most advanced triaxial multi-function sensor calibration turntable and dozens of domestic leading production and quality testing equipment. To adapt to the revolutionary changes that are taking place in the Internet of things, BWSENSING is constantly innovating around customer demand. The company is open and cooperative with its industry partners and continues to create value for customers and the whole society. Since its inception, the staff excellent hard efforts, has developed hundreds of types of tilt sensor, inclinometer switch, electronic compass, AHRS, inertial measurement unit, optical fiber gyroscope, integrated navigation and so on. BWSENSING meets all kinds of inertial attitude measurement needs. BWSENSING has played an important role in the fields of defense military industry, transportation, construction engineering, engineering machinery, aerospace, energy and electricity, medical devices and so on.

Company Culture

Our vision - to lead the development of global inertial sensors

Our mission - to focus on inertial sensing technology to achieve a beautiful world of things

Achieve customer - common progress and customer growth

Entrepreneurial innovation - the pursuit of technological leadership, focus on innovation can produce market value

Accurate and Truthfulness - Decision-making and Business Management Based on Facts

Integrity and Integrity - Establishing Trust and Responsible Relations

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