Terms of service

Through continuous improvement and innovation, Bewis Sensing strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Focus on the customer and listen carefully to the opinions and experiences of customers. Our goal is to provide inertial attitude sensing products, solutions and technical support.


7*24 hour call center technical support service is provided free of charge;

Free consultation on product selection, application, product use and maintenance;

Provide free remote video guidance for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting for customers;

Provide timely local technical training for customers and related personnel;

Free downloading of the supporting PC software;

Non-customized products provide 7 days unconditional return without affecting the secondary sales;

If there is a quality problem, the non-customized product will only be replaced during the one-year warranty period;

A spare parts library is provided to ensure quick service after product failure;

After the warranty period expires, provide product lifetime maintenance (only cost);

Give priority to customers to provide technical research related to the company's products.

  • 8:00am-7:00 pm Service Online

    WhatsApp/Tel:+86 15050 672 146

    +86 17606 118 008


    Customer Service:support@bwsensing.com