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    This APP Requires Android 10 or newer system version

    This APP contains all the functions of BWSENSING LoRaWAN Inclinometer software, and supports English, Spanish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

    When using this APP, you need to use a data cable to connect to the inclinometer for parameter setting, data reading and data file export. When there is no data cable connection between your Android phone and the sensor, the APP cannot read data or set parameters wirelessly.

    Should you have any question, please contact whatsapp +86 17606 118 008,

    Suitable for 2in1 Power/Data cable with CH340 driver chip (You can check your chip version in the device manager of Win10/11)

    Version change log:

    V1.1.1 (2023-08-11)(YYYY-MM-DD)

    * Added support for Android 13

    * When the data is saved to the internal storage of the mobile phone, the file name is updated to "device name + date and time" (the file name of the old version is only date and time, which is not friendly to the situation where a large amount of sensor data needs to be collected on site)

    V1.1.0 (2023-05-20)(YYYY-MM-DD)

    * Official release version

    * Fixed known text description errors

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    For Windows 7/8/10

    Debugging software of LWHD series LoRaWAN Triaxial Inclinometer, Same function as APP
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    For FG Series Triaxial Inclinometer

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    BWSENSING Debug Software is suitable for most BWSENSING products.

    Note: This software does not support Modbus, Please read the following instructions carefully for your Modbus products.

    If you have a Modbus sensor in your hand, we have two solutions here:

    1. Download and use our BWSENSING Modbus Debug Software

    2. Open the Debug Software Ver. 3.0.3, click COM Debug, in Send's dialog, Enter 770500530058  and click the send button within 10 seconds after power on the sensor, this code force him to use a compatible protocol, so that you can continue to use the BWSENSING Debug software Ver. 3.0.3

    Note: Please Enter that code and send it within 10 seconds after power on your sensor.

    BWSENSING Debug Software is easy to use and very powerful. You can use it to do 3D Demo, set and store various parameters of the sensor, set the alarm angle of the tilt switch, quick calibration of electronic compass, etc. More functions and fun waiting for you to discover.

    Including analog output sensors (with RS232), for example, you can change the measuring range of your analog output inclinometer very easily.

    If there is any question, please feel free to tell us.

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    Product description:

    This software is used for serial port communication debugging.


    The calculation method of the frequency of data receiving.

    If you have other question, you can contact us directly.

    Lianghan Hu | Support Center

    BEWIS Sensing Technology LLC

    WhatsApp: +86 17606118008  
    Skype: moeforce  E:

    No.58 Xiuxi Road Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

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    Product description:

    This is a software kit, which is used for auxiliary sensors.


    Optimize the data storage timestamp accuracy and the model smoothness.

    There are two ways to access BWSENSING products:

    1. Use the “Serial debugging assistant of general protocol”, and then choose the right protocol to access your product:

    Ps: When you use Bewis modbus debug software, you should set up the right Port number and Baud rate (Default: 9600), and the transmission and receiving of the data will be showed in hexadecimal format.

    2. Make use of the management software to access:

        Specific operation steps:

        a. Download ”BWSENSING Modbus Debug Software”, and then double click to install.

        b. After the installation is complete, double-click on the desktop "Bewis Modbus Debug Software" shortcut to enable the software.

        c. The first time you use the software, you need to install a plug-in, please follow its steps to install.

        d. After opening the software, you should choose the right Port number and Baud rate, and then you will be able to manage your sensor.

    If you have other question, you can contact us directly.

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    commix1.4 is a very powerful programmable controller serial port debugging software. The software has a clean and refreshing UI user interface, which can help users perform multi-ary mixed debugging, and can be widely used in communication and debugging in the field of industrial control

    1. After the serial port is opened, the communication parameters can be modified at any time. Except for the baud rate, which needs to be clicked to apply, the others will be automatically applied. For combinations that are not supported by the computer, there will be a prompt

    2. Input HEX: User input data is treated as hexadecimal bytes, case insensitive

    Input ASC: user input data as ASCII characters

    Display HEX: The received data is displayed as hexadecimal bytes

    Display ASC: The received data is displayed as ASCII characters

    Ignore space input: Whether to ignore spaces in user input data

    Automatic line break: Whether to automatically wrap the line between the received and sent data

    Display interval: Whether to display the interval time from the end of the sending to the receipt of the response

    DTR/RTS: After selected, the corresponding pin becomes high level, which is used for some passive 485/422 converters

    3. When inputting in HEX and ASCII modes, escape character input is valid

    4. In ASCII mode, characters from 20h to 7Eh are displayed directly, and other characters are displayed as escape characters

    5. Select "Enter to send", and press Enter in the input area is equivalent to pressing the send button. If you want to input multiple lines, you can use Ctrl+Enter; if you don't select it, you can use Enter to branch in the input area

    6. The data input by the user (output from the serial port) is displayed in green, the data input from the serial port is displayed in blue, and the interval time (milliseconds) between sending and receiving is displayed in gray

    7. The program can be used in the simplest 3-wire system (serial port 2 receiving, 3 sending, 5 ground) communication. In fact, most industrial control equipment only use these 3 communication signals at present, and the active 232 to 485/422 converter is convenient. so so

    8. Click the ... menu icon to choose to save the communication data or parameter settings as a file

    9. When the program ends, the current settings are automatically saved to the registry

  • SSCOM 5.13.1 410KB 2023-03-08Download

    Serial communication interface debugging software

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    For BWM826, BWN826, BWN426 use ONLY

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