Why do smart cities lack early warning of accidents? Release date:2019-10-16   Browsing volume:597

Multi-sensor fusion technology such as tilt sensor monitors urban infrastructure to form a perceptible network.


Why do Viaducts and smart cities need tilt sensor ?

According to the prevailing standards, after the development of the past few years, all kinds of popular government, industry and citizen applications have everything. According to the usual “top-level design” method, the “bright spots” that can be done in the next stage of smart city construction are not easy to find.

If a bridge overturn occurs in a smart city's viaduct, the accident will cause huge losses. People often begin to reflect on the importance of safety issues in urban development after an accident.

Why do smart cities lack early warning of viaduct safety accidents?

From a technical point of view, monitoring the infrastructure of vehicles and goods, as well as roads and bridges, does not seem to be a problem that is too difficult to solve.

First of all, the identification of the vehicle is the easiest to achieve. Some experts pointed out that in terms of the structural characteristics of the viaduct, the safety of hundreds of tons of eccentric moving loads will not be considered in the design. To identify these vehicles, it is technically easy to add car type rules only to the rules of the smart traffic camera.

In addition, it is the monitoring of the health of roads or the wider urban infrastructure. A hundred meters of bridges require hundreds of sensors and complete condition monitoring at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. As the most common scenario of the Internet of Everything, the large connection characteristics of 5G networks will play the biggest role in the field of infrastructure monitoring in the future.

 A lot of practice has proved that the inclinometer (tilt sensor) plays an important role in guaranteeing the safe operation of the bridge, which is an important technical means for long-term monitoring of the healthy state of the bridge. As a leading enterprise of tilt sensor industry. BEWIS has provided a tilt sensor for hundreds of long Bridges around the world, including su jiao ke, zhongsho group, Chinese academy of iron, and industrial Telekomunikasi.

Deformation is an important parameter for evaluating the health of bridges, and it has become an important indicator for bridge health monitoring. In bridge safety monitoring, Angle sensor is usually decorated on the bridge deck and bridge tower, to respectively to measure the deformation of bridge under the load and evaluate the integrity and stability of the bridge structure. Among them, the bridge deck deformation monitoring main purpose is to determine the stiffness of bridge in the vertical direction and the structure bearing capacity and so on important technical parameters, which are the Bridges appraisal, key reference index in the process of transformation and acceptance. The  tilt sensor features of BEWIS (BWSENSING) make smart cities safer. Product accuracy is up to 0.001°.Sensor has real-time monitoring of geometric shape changes of the main beam of the bridge. It has good low frequency characteristics and transient response capability. High data stability and no external influence. Sensor layout is convenient, shortening the bridge time. Ultra-precision dual-axis tilt sensor - BWS2500 will play the biggest role in the field of infrastructure monitoring in the future.



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