BWSENSING makes every effort to ensure the supply of raw materials for production! Release date:2022-04-14   Browsing volume:1214

Since the outbreak of Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Shanghai in March, the number of confirmed cases in the Yangtze River Delta region has been increasing. In order to better cut off the source of transmission and ensure the health and safety of people, various areas have been constantly changing the policy of epidemic prevention in the logistics and transportation industry,some areas even changed everyday. Trucks account for the largest proportion in highway transportation.The procedures and on-site management of truck passage have become increasingly strict. The entrances and exits of expressways in many areas have been closed, vehicles have been congested for a long time on expressways, and goods cannot be delivered to their destination, resulting in a significant increase in time and cost. The task of distribution and transportation is facing unprecedented tests and difficulties.


The metal shells of the new #LoRaWAN inclinometer of BWSENSING were produced on April 2. However, due to the epidemic prevention policy, the roads in Suzhou where the supply chain is located are blocked and the logistics is interrupted. In order to ensure the normal production, on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention requirements, our supply chain colleagues handled the corresponding procedures and began to try to hand over on foot in several sections. Finally, they walked more than 3 kilometers, successfully picked up the goods at the Wuxi entrance of Wangyu River Bridge on national highway G312, and then transported the products and materials back on foot to ensure the smooth production of the products.

In the current situation of continuous growth of the epidemic, the task of ensuring supply and price stability of enterprises is very arduous. In order to meet customer needs,BWSENSING colleagues are not afraid of difficulties,stick to the post and ensure production and supply. We will do our best to speed up the launch of our new version of LoRaWAN inclinometer, and will bring a series of new functions such as OTA, built-in ROM (recording packet loss caused by poor wireless network signal), Android app, remote control and so on.

We believe that the road ahead is bright and the haze will eventually dissipate,the global supply chain will continue to be repaired. BWSENSING will continue to go all out to meet the needs of customers. Using lorawan wireless technology for monitoring can effectively reduce the deployment time of the project site, improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of infection of construction personnel. We will redouble our efforts and continue to contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing and IOT world!

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