A wireless Triaxial Inclinometer that understands your needs better Release date:2022-09-01   Browsing volume:1223

After more iterative updates, our unified housing for the wireless series inclinometer/tiltmeter is finally in its final version. We have opened the mold and are ready for mass production in mid-September.


Compared with the previous Full-metal version, this time we used the design concept of plastic housing + metal base.


The advantage of using a plastic housing is that it can minimize costs when mass-produced, and the plastic is also lighter, reducing shipping costs.


The metal base can ensure that our sensors will not deform slightly during measurement. Although the cost is lower if all plastics are used, they are prone to deformation. In order to ensure long-term stability and reliable accuracy, we still choose metal.

Exploded drawing.png


In the case of including the radome, the size of the plastic version is 105.2*85*101.8(67+34.8)mm. On the premise of ensuring the signal power, we customized a small antenna to reduce the height of the radome to 34.8mm. The size of the previous full metal version is 109*88*131(63+68)mm


The newly added circular magnetic switch allows the user to start the sensor without opening the cover. In addition, the newly added air vent valve can also avoid the phenomenon of condensation inside the sensor caused by the pressure difference.

Our BWSENSING new series wireless inclinometers will be ready in 30 days.



* Plastic housing + metal base

* Modular design

* Smaller and lighter

* Support for multiple wireless networks (WiFi, LoRaWAN, LoRa, 4G, LTE-Cat-M (planning in progress) and NB-IoT)

* IP68 protection capability

* Three-axis, Triaxial XYZ Angle / Acceleration measurement

* Built-in toggle switch, external magnetic switch

* APP supported

New features for BWSENSING Wireless Series Triaxial Inclinometers.png

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