The Angle monitoring is important for the dumping of pile driver Release date:2017-11-27   Browsing volume:1422

On November 20, 20 or so, when in liaocheng in shandong gaotang county is a construction site in the city of wealth, because the driver of the dumping of the construction site work peng homes were hit collapse, the accident killed three people, one person seriously injured, four people were slightly injured.


In fact, with the continuous expansion of China's basic construction, construction engineering construction mechanization degree is increasing day by day, in the construction area, there are too many safe hidden trouble, most of these hidden trouble comes from all kinds of large mechanical equipment dump, rotation. And more and more of the mechanical equipment from the traditional mechanical, hydraulic pressure system to the electronic, hydraulic system, to achieve automatic control, need to measure body itself and the attitude of the actuator, the micro sensor designed for building construction area of all kinds of solutions are put forward.

Shear fork type high-altitude operation platform

The shear-fork high-altitude operation platform is a special equipment for high altitude operation. Its shear fork mechanical structure makes the lifting platform rise with high stability, wide operating platform and high carrying capacity, which makes the high altitude operation more widely and suitable for many simultaneous operation. It makes high-altitude work more efficient and more secure. The cutting fork type of high-altitude operating platform is divided into fixed and cut fork type, movable cutting fork type, self-cutting fork type, car cutting fork type.

Folding arm height working car

Folding arm type high-altitude operating vehicles are now widely used in industrial and mining workshops, tall halls, warehouses, stations, squares and other places. Aerial work is also a very dangerous job, in the process of working overhead working truck, required parking location choice, should be a solid ground vehicle tilt is not more than 3 °, and open the warning flash, at the bottom of the overhead working truck, switch installation Angle, in order to realize the monitoring of the vehicle Angle, when the body tilt to certain Angle, braking or alarm.

Tower crane

Along with the development of the construction, the construction of mechanization degree increase year by year, tower crane, as a kind of materials to implement vertical and horizontal transportation machinery, especially for its high hoisting height, weight lifting, large working range etc, has been widely used in construction industry. However, due to the large structure of the tower and the high altitude operation, it is easy for the tower to dump accidents.

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