The 50 - degree high - iron bridge with the power Angle device Release date:2017-11-27   Browsing volume:2418

In November, the T - construct bridge was completed and opened to traffic. Zheng (zhengzhou) than (state) high-speed, ten thousand tons of T structure bridge success of "high", and also in the construction of Zheng Wangao precision docking rail line, the historic leap of beijing-guangzhou high-speed rail.


The size and weight of the t-shaped rigid frame Bridges of the successful transition are very high and the position is very high, which increases the difficulty of the operation. At the same time, it can be difficult to influence the existing operation line while rotating.

Smoothly to project construction, design and optimization of construction scheme for many times, independent research and development of intelligent control information system, through the whole bridge compass, inclinometer and other sensors, through the master control computer real-time display monitoring point data, to early warning of the condition of the site construction, using sensors intelligent monitoring, the bridge construction of the security risks and hidden danger of beijing-guangzhou high-speed coefficient to a minimum.


At present, China's transportation industry is developing rapidly, and the railway transportation not only covers a wide area, but also the speed of the train running. The daily maintenance of railway track and regular inspection are increasingly important.

The tilt sensor is the sensor element used to measure the Angle of tilt, which can be directly placed on the track detector to measure and evaluate the horizontal and uneven conditions of the trajectory. At the same time in order to prevent because under the action of centrifugal force on the tracks when the train turned outward extrusion formation, so will set out a certain slope in turning, purpose is to offset the effect of centrifugal force by gravity. The ultra high size can be directly related to the Angle of tilt, and the determination of the inclination of the rail is measured by observing the tilt sensor, so as to make a reasonable check on the health condition of the track.

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