BEWIS was invited to attend the IEEE-NEMS International Conference Release date:2019-04-22   Browsing volume:790

On April 11-14, 2019, the 14th IEEE-NEMS 2019 was held in Thailand. The chief scientist of our company was invited to attend the meeting as a co-chair of the conference to explore the next generation of sensor technology.


After careful consideration by the Technical Planning Committee, a total of 136 papers were selected for regular oral presentations, and 67 papers were selected for poster presentation. The conference is based on eight specific subject areas including M/NEMS, micro/nanofluid, micro/nano/molecular manufacturing, molecular sensors, actuators and systems, nanomaterials, nanomaterial based devices and systems, micro/nano mechanics and nanobots , fluids, photonics and electromagnetism, from emerging micron and nanoscale sensing technologies to advanced nanodiagnostics.


BEWIS shared the thematic results of the inertial attitude sensor and the micro-analytic field with the participants, and communicate with each other in the interdisciplinary communication platform provided by the IEEE-NEMS professional conference. TO promote the development of micro-nano technology research and the sharing of the latest research results, thus promoting new developments in research and technology.



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